Yet another relevant and much needed transformation tool for Oracle BRM has been added to our disruptive cloud tools platform

Bringing The Innovation

Cloud Native Browser

Given the agility of cloud native version of BRM, we need equally agile and modern development and testing tools as well.

Hence Presenting….

Cloud Object Browser

This helps developers and testers to optimize time during development and testing by giving one click access to BRM objects from the web page

Could Nap

This is the modern testnap but in the web page. So easy and quick.

Live Demo

Start using it for free at

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Yes, It is possible with provided framework, where everything is a configuration in GUI.

Just import you API request/response contracts into the tool

Upload sample JSON dataset(s)

Open a new Workflow

Select API, Create Step, Assign Dataset

Connect Steps

Commit Workflow

Your Test Case Workflow must be ready..

Just trigger with play button .. see the reports coming out on the screen.



Quite often you find a need to extend the OutOfTheBox (OOB) data models for legitimate business reasons. But keeping future upgrades in mind, you are not advised to touch the base classes in Oracle BRM.

Stretch Right

We @ Saralam created a unique and innovative solution for this ubiquitous case for any BRM implementations

The Elastic Facility Module called fm_edm. This single module provides REST API and BRM OPCODES to define/add/modify/read/delete extended data model for any of base class or custom classes

This module supports a rich set of data types other than traditional and BRM native date types. For example

Add a JSON array to your customer account

Tie a transaction with GeoPoint

Store XML data into a profile

Save an Image for customer

contact for more details. You can also find our other innovations for BRM at

Team Saralam



With this cool feature provided by platform.

You can finish a meaningful code review of your custom opcodes in BRM in a few minutes no matter how big your C file is.

Here is the short video demo of cloud code review

Cloud Code Review For BRM Opcodes

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