How Apis are shaping Digital India!!

Hanumantha rao Marikanti
3 min readAug 29, 2022
Digital India

An interesting observation on how the APIs are shaping Digital Transformation and Indian technology landscape

Besides plethora of startups and enterprises building and scaling on APIs, India (public) is also making the best out of APIs for common man!!

UPI — Digital Payments


The most successful initiative by the Government of India towards digital payments and Digital India. What a tremendous change this UPI has brought into the lives of a common man too. The power of smartphone combined with UPI is the best combination that ever happened to Indian people

Below official stats tell the gigantic saga of this platform. an enormous amount of transaction per day @ ~200M/day i.e.~ 6B/month has no match

And the key enabler is the API technology. Look at the swagger document

AAROGYA SETU — A COVID born Initiative

Aarogya Setu

India has taken yet another initiative to tame the spread of COVID while it was creating panic all over. Another API based platform to track, alert the nation about COVID infected people around.

This platform has been extended to manage vaccine distribution, vaccination centers, maps and other logistics around it.

Again, the key enabler is API technology. Look at the swagger documents

The mobile app built using this api is downloaded for more than few 100M times.

ONDC — Democratizing the eCommerce


Another bold and landmark initiative for a country like India is ONDC. This should be as successful as the democracy itself.

Already launched in many cities as pilot project and readying to go live across India very soon. This fully API driven ecommerce framework aspires to bring in the paradigm shift in digital trade in India, probably worldwide too.

And key is API technology. See the swaggers

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