Much told, So much heard. Can’t wait to experience — The 5G Era

Can’t wait to share these projections and possibilities with the revolution that 5G can bring into connected world.

There has been a lot of content already out on the internet about 5G, majorly for it’s capabilities and technological merits. I want to share some good stats that I have come across so far.


1 Million nodes per 1 km makes it 100% faster than 4G

The Key being NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) which makes a virtual network real in Telecom space.

Network Slicing. Virtual Networks


It could create 223 million new jobs by 2035

By 2025, India will have 700 million 5G connections

12% of world Telco services will be on 5G technology by 2022

Addition of a trillion(INR) market value by 2035 to the world telco industry

5G based digital transformations to fetch over $27000 million revenues by 2026

World AR/VR market to reach $25000 million by 2025


90% less power consumption compared to 4G

100 times faster than 4G

Just one millisecond to send a message against 50ms of 4G

A hour HD movie download in

3G — 26 Hours

4G — 6 Minutes

5G — 3.6 seconds. Terrific

Life and Environment

5G + IoT to reduce carbon emissions thus reducing 15% pollution by 2030

Whether or not there is some harm from high frequency 5G radiation but for sure it reduces the pollution by providing Realtime mobility & making AR/VR more powerful and relevant for general use.

Let’s embrace the new world ..better connected than ever.

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